The present work is a project created for a teachers refresher course for the Education Department in which I took part:"D-204-Ús i dinamització de Moodle"
The project "Let´s read & write" has been done by Consuelo Pascual Santamaria ( ).
It is formed by six units which are a reinforcement for a presence course and it is focused on writings. We can find different activities: vocabulary, videos, hotpotatoes, grammar, theory and how to compound a writing.
Different websites have been used some of which can be seen easily once you click the activity. Whole of the photos have been downloaded from google.
I projected this course thinking about the access course ( Curs Pont ) but the frst units can be addressed to an intermediate or advanced training course as they correspond to formal / informal letters and curriculum vitae.
As I said above , the units are reinforcement or complementary units for a student´s book. They are like points inside the book which are used to extendvocabulary, surf the web, revise grammar and watch education videos.
The units are divided in two parts. Mafalda will show you where to find the theory and the practice.
It is not a very wide work but there is material enough to draw students attention. Have fun with it !

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